Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I cheated.... hahaha

So I was with my sister the day of her transfer while she was one bed rest.   Got to keep her company, meet her IP's and just hang out and have fun. Or so I thought.... Instead I was pretty much forced to cheat and take a pregnancy test.. I was so scared that it would be negative, that is why I was waiting until the blood draw....

So Cora and Francesca (From Modern Family) showed up and the peeing began... I was so nervous!!!   The little hour glass just kept turning and turning.... I handed it off to my son to give to my sister and I come out.. that stinkin hour glass was STILL going. Then out of no where Cora yelled "your pregnant" of course there were cheers and hugs and kisses and a few watery eyes! But now I felt so relieved!   I took a picture and emailed it to my IP's and all it said was "I love you guys"

So now I just has to wait the few more days for the blood draw that was to happen on the 23rd to get the confirmation! And so see my levels.   

Got the levels back, everything looked good so far. I was at 193... next appointment was set for the 30th...   Geez I really need to keep up with this blog!!!  

30th blood draw came and now my level was 2833!!!   YES, great number!!!   high enough for twins?? who knows!

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