Monday, February 13, 2012

Drum Roll Please.....

Ok, So I am a few days late AGAIN with posting... Sigh :)

So I had my first ultrasound on Thursday February 9th. I was so nervous and very excited at the same time :)

My sister (Crystal) and Francesca (from Modern Family) were there for it. First stop... blood draw to check my levels for my meds! :)  

Waiting.. and waiting. Good news before mine, was that one of the other girls was there having hers done too...   (K)    She is having TWINS for her IPs. :)  

"Erica", the nurse said. I had to make sure it was OK for my camera/video crew to come along as my IPs were not able to make it or skype. :(      

We get in the room. This is when I really start the get nervous...     A test run of the video was done to make sure she was in a good place and my camera girls were all set!  

Time for action!!!

Dr. Ringler came in, said that I was 6 1/2 weeks along and that my numbers looked good!   That is always a positive thing!

Starting looking around and saw the "sac" as he called it, heard the heartbeat and took a measurement or two. Dr. Ringler, then aid he was going to take a look around.... 

A look around for what??   That baby condo?   But ok, he is the doctor and knows what he is doing... 

...that looking lead to "oh there is another "sac". :) 

Holy cow!!!  Two "sac's" equals 2 babies!!!    We are having TWINS!     I was so shocked, surprised and over joyed as I knew this news would really send my IP's over the moon... 

Next appointment is set for February 23rd....    

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