Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun Stuff Going On...

Ok so last check-in I was 30 weeks.   I have made it to 32 weeks with a small scare in between.  On Aug. 3 I was in a small car accident. thankfully no one was hurt. This however sent me into the hospital with contractions 2-3 minutes apart for almost a 12 hour period. All kinds of tests were being ran, and I think the scariest one was where they check to see if a protein is present. If this protein is present they say that you can deliver within 2 weeks. UMMMM...   2 weeks was still way TOO EARLY! The girls need more time inside to grow!  So, we did the test, which by no means is fun, and THANKFULLY it came back negative!!!   :)   Nest stop... was to make sure that I was not dilating.... also came back negative. Things were looking better and better!  We did an ultrasound to make sure there was no blood, or leaking or anything else bad going on. This came back negative as well. So the only concern was getting these contractions to stop!

They had me on an IV with magnesium, which help relax everything and get the contractions to stop. This didn't work until I was up to 2.5g of magnesium and 12 hours later. Talk about a long 12 hours!   The contractions were finally under control that I could be transferred to a different area of L&D.  I was moved to High Risk, which to me sounded more serious then just L&D. But I was in good care, and the girls were doing great so that is all that mattered to me.  I was also then given a steroid shot (two shots in my booty) to help develop the lungs of the little ladies just in case they did decide to make their grand appearance sooner. :)

It also looked like I had a  little trouble maker on my hands. :)   The first 24 hours the girls were hooked up to the monitor to make sure they were ok. This posed a very big challenge for the nurses. Baby A who is low would not stay on the monitor for nothing!  This made things really uncomfortable and hard on me. Those poor nurses kept coming in and would have to find her all over again. She is such a little stinker!  It got a little easier as time went on to find her, because there simply isn't enough room in there for her to go anywhere.  She did continue to make things hard on me because she was so low. When they did the hour long monitoring it took 30 minutes to get them both on there, and me having to be on my back. TALK ABOUT TORTURE!!!   Made things really hard on me breathing wise. 

Tuesday morning, I was finally given the ok to go home... BUT I now had to be on bed rest :(   BOOOOOOO!! 

I see my doctor on the 14th, which makes me 33 weeks!  I swear there can not be anymore room for them to grow, My belly feels so big and tight. But we have a few more weeks.

Until next time..... 

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