Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just a little excitement

So today was an AMAZING day!    After almost a year, I finally got to meet mommy and daddy!  They arrived in Los Angles last Wednesday and have been staying in Palm Springs. I can not lie, this freaked me out a little, as Palm Springs is about 2 hours from the hospital. The whole "what if...." started to sink it.

So today was my 36 week check up. OMG, yes 36 weeks. And they got to come to it!   I think that was the 2nd best appointment this whole journey. :)  After the doctors appointment we had to meet with a social worker from the hospital to get things squared away and we got a very nice tour of the hospital. 

After all that, we just sat and talked. It was great. It felt like we were old friends. :)  There was never a weird moment, things just flowed.

The crazy part is... I have only 4 days left with this crazy little girls. And soon mom and dad get to hold them in their arms. Wow, years in the making!  Words really can't describe the feeling that took over me today seeing how excited and appreciative they really are. And to think... I helped them on this AMAING journey!

Well the count down is really on...  Monday is just around the corner!

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