Friday, May 4, 2012

So here we are again.... back in the swing of things.

So let's see,  I was recently pulled from my OB's and got a new one whom I got to meet today! LOVE HIM!!!   The girls are doing good, however still causing me morning sickness and thank goodness it is only int he morning now. :) 

But now.. now comes the heartburn!

At today's appointment the girls were super active :) Doctor said I should start feeling them more often within the next 2 weeks!!  That should be fun. Let the cage fighting begin! 

Baby A who is on the right is measuring 18 weeks and 4 days and is weighing in at 8 oz and Baby B who is on the left is measuring 19 weeks and weighing in at 9 oz.  Wasn't able to actually verify yet that they are girls...  but for the sake of the gender selection we will still call them girls. :)

I am feeling good for the most part, I get in some good walking here and there, but find that my walk has kind of turned into that of a turtle. :)   But I get the walking in and that is all that matters to me :)

I suppose I will post at least a belly pic soon. I am not a fan of the camera.

Until next time....  

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