Sunday, October 30, 2011

So this is it...

So it has begun.  I have spoken with my IP's both on the phone and via email, they are super excited about this journey as am I. Let's see... I have gone to my first appointment of many, and had blood drawn and had to also tinkle in a cup :) 

Then I had the pleasure of a not so fun test, but got through it like a champ!  The radiologist said that I was a trooper and didn't even complain once...well at least until I left the office. Yikes, that was bad!  I then had the pleasure of sitting in TRAFFIC!!!   UGH, Santa Monica Blvd. is no fun at 5pm, lesson learned!

I am so blessed to have such an amazing set of IP's to work with. And now I just wait until the next step... this is such an amazing venture!! :)

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